Playoff Predictions: Week 7


TWolvesFan: My bet with aledoalumni has been fulfilled. Now back to my TWolves Avatar... Ahhhh, that feels much better! 8-) Sept 4, 2014 16:44:13 GMT -5
FB fan: You got off easy. When Cal lost to EE ugly signature on lots of us for a month. Sept 4, 2014 18:52:35 GMT -5
TWolvesFan: Maybe during playoffs as that's the last game... but not the first game of the season... it would be halfway through the season if that was the case. Naw a week is good enough until the playoffs come around! Sept 4, 2014 21:12:36 GMT -5
Tom: 1 hour and 54 minutes to get your picks in if you haven't already. Sept 5, 2014 16:06:33 GMT -5
Tom: I'm working on the Pick 'Em results for this week right now. The Beaumont Central-Summer Creek game is still going so it won't be posted until that's over. Sept 13, 2014 22:15:08 GMT -5
Tom: High drama: four users have 27 points this week; one picked BC, the other three SC. SC leads 10-7 at the start of the 4th quarter. Sept 13, 2014 22:19:05 GMT -5
hounhound: OK. Off to work. See y'all in two weeks. Sept 14, 2014 11:43:55 GMT -5
FB fan: Be safe Sept 14, 2014 20:16:32 GMT -5
TWolvesFan: Just a quick shout-out as to why I won't be online... My wife and I are celebrating 25 years today that she has actually put up with me! 8-) Sept 16, 2014 15:00:50 GMT -5
Tom: Congrats! Sept 17, 2014 16:42:07 GMT -5
thebigone55: Sosa had his best chance to get a win over Calallen this season. His team could not get a W in his own back yard on a rebuilding very young Cats team. He will get smoked for the next three years. Sorry but the truth hurts. Sept 19, 2014 23:16:26 GMT -5
Tom: There are more Thursday games than usual in the Pick 'Em this week so try to get your picks in by 6 PM if you haven't yet. Sept 25, 2014 15:51:59 GMT -5
Gp83: Where's Sept 27, 2014 16:04:19 GMT -5
Gp83: The Sept 27, 2014 16:04:25 GMT -5
shamu85: Congratulations TWolvesFan! Sept 29, 2014 11:15:38 GMT -5
Tom: Former Denton Guyer WR Ellis Jefferson had a couple of huge catches for Arizona State in an upset win at USC tonight. Oct 4, 2014 22:11:29 GMT -5
TWolvesFan: It just hit me that there are only three remaining games to be played in this 2014 season! Man oh Man it's gone quickly!! Oct 20, 2014 16:21:35 GMT -5
Tom: Well... regular season games, anyway. We still have nine weeks to go counting the playoffs. Oct 20, 2014 17:28:19 GMT -5
TWolvesFan: True enough, The regular season is just Act One. Act Two is the Playoffs! Oct 20, 2014 20:50:26 GMT -5
TWolvesFan: I just hope CP isn't written out of this Drama when the curtain falls on Act One! Oct 20, 2014 20:52:29 GMT -5